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Stratco Gable

Exhibiting a strong presence and style, the pitched roof of an Outback Gable Patio is endowed with an open feel that will enrich your home and outdoor entertainment area. 
When you combine it with flat roof or pergola sections then the prominent pitched roof becomes the attractive central hub of your outdoor lifestyle.  
With their classic design and charm, Outback Gable Patio can enhance the look of your home and create a wonderful feeling of space. 

The high roof of a  Outback Gable Patio  allows for maximum air-flow and natural light in the living area underneath. 
This means that your outdoor space can be comfortably used in all kinds of weather, from rainy days to scorching summers. 
. Outdoor World has a huge selection of gable patio designs that can stand alone or be combined with flat patios to create a stylish outdoor entertaining area.

Your patio will be custom designed and made to suit your exact requirements.
Whether you want to build it yourself or have it installed, we are here to help.
Contact us for pricing and further details today. 

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